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Author : Editors of Harvestime Books
ISBN : 2210501207244
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ISBN Code 2210501207244
Publisher Harvestime Books
Measurement/Pages 64 pages
Format Paperback, A4 size 

How to use this book

This is a study guide to the book – Ministry of Healing. It is designed to help open up that book to you, by helping you to take the time to really dig into the rich treasures which it contains. As you grasp these precious truths, and seek to bring them into your life, you will find that your happiness will deepen and your contacts with those about you will improve. In additional, you will become better prepared to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those around you.

One way to use this book is in personal study, either at home, or as you commute or travel.

Another way is to form a study group, with each member of the group having his/her own copy of Ministry of Healing and this study guide. Read through one chapter each week. Some groups find it useful to individually read the chapter in advance; and then, during the meeting, they go over the study questions together and discuss them.

Yet another way is to go chapter by chapter, though this book during midweek or Friday evening prayer meeting, with each person reading the chapter ahead of time and then, during the gathering, discuss the study questions together. It can be an encouraging experience.

There are forty-three chapters in Ministry of Healing. These are quite suitable for a year of encouraging, worthwhile study.

However, you read the book, Ministry of Healing, will greatly help you. You are about to enter upon a wonderful adventure, which can change your life for the better in the years to come.

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