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Author : Ellen G. White
ISBN : 2210501205257
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Publisher Mountain-top Publisher
Measurement/Pages 148 pages
Format Paperback

When the truth as it is in Jesus molds our characters, it will be seen to be truth indeed. As it is contemplated by the believer, it will grow brighter, shining with its original beauty. It will increase in value, quickening and vivifying the mind, and subduing selfish, unchristlike coarseness of character. It will elevate our aspirations, enabling us to reach the perfect standard of holiness. {Review and Herald, February 14, 1899}

The numbered chapters of this book are individual articles written by Ellen G. White, that were published in the weekly periodical Signs of the Times. These articles appear in this book in the same order as they were originally published over a period of twenty-one months, beginning in September of 1892. The introduction is also from the writings of Ellen G. White. All of the articles and extra paragraphs have been printed, word for word, as found in the E. G. White CD-ROM.

The material used in this book contains many Scriptures that were not originally identified, so, for your convenience, the references to these texts have been added.