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Country Roads Painted Skies LIMITED STOCK

Author : Judie Gulley
ISBN : 9780816320585
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Category Stories 
ISBN Code 9780816320585
Publisher Pacific Press Publishing | Copyright 2005 
Measurement/Pages 144 pages
Format Paperback

A time machine on wheels, a school bus signals the end of summer and the beginning of an adventure called life that is often filled with wonder, discovery, and sometimes pain.

Country Roads, Painted Skies is filled from cover to cover with short, but potent, true-to-life stories that tug at your heart strings, make you think, and provide a rare window on the world of children, choices and growing up.

Down every cornrow-bordered road, behind the doors of Norman-Rockwellesque farm houses, and in the faces of every sneaker-clad or backpack-toting child waiting beside a mailbox resides another unforgettable story and another lesson in living. Prepare to laugh and sometimes cry as you join Judie Gulley beneath the flashing red lights of her yellow time machine, and with her, take a good look at the future of the world reflected in the eyes of those who climb aboard.