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Author : Mary Hui-Tze Wong
ISBN : 9780828018326
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ISBN Code 9780828018326
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing | Copyright 2006 
Measurement/Pages 128 pages 
Format Paperback

The life and ministry of Joshua Yun Foh Chong and Eunice Tshin Chin were packed with adventure and challenge, with peril and plague and bombs raining from the sky. But mostly with evidences of God’s unfailing providence and miraculous leading during 40 years of dedicated service.

By the time Yun Foh was born in 1911, his father had thrown away the family gods. Where were you when my family died of the Black Death? He silently asked them with rising rage. He decided to join the Lutherans. He’d heard their God was greater than all the gods he worshipped.

It was at a Lutheran revival meeting that his son, a young Yun Foh, first heard about Seventh-day Adventists. Learning that they “still keep the Jews’ Sabbath,” he decided to straighten them out. And that’s how he became an Adventist.

Educator, minister, and teacher for more than 40 years, Joshua Yun Foh Chong had two life passions: his commitment to serving the Lord, and his love and devotion for the people he served.