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We Are The Pathfinders Strong LIMITED STOCK

Author : Willie Oliver with Patricia Humphrey
ISBN : 9780828014984
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Category Church History
ISBN Code 9780828014984
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing Association | Copyright 1999 
Measurement/Pages 144 pages
Format Paperback

WE ARE THE PATHFINDERS STRONG is the story of the men and women who dedicated themselves to the church’s young people, and the young people who joined them in this exciting program. Around the world Adventist young people learn new skills and participate in fascinating activities, whether it be camping in the snow, exploring caves, witnessing to others, or serving as volunteers in humanitarian or civic outreaches.

The book offers a captivating and illustrated history of Pathfindering from its very beginnings to the Rose Bowl Parades and international camporees at Oshkosh and elsewhere. Whether you are or were a Pathfinder, it captures the joy and excitement of Pathfindering.