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Author : J. R. Zurcher
ISBN : 9780828013307
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Category Church History
ISBN Code 978828013307
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing Association | Copyright 1999 
Measurement/Pages 128 pages
Format Paperback

Just how much was Jesus like us when He was here on earth?

In the early years of the Adventist Church many of the leaders believed Christ was not eternal, but had a beginning in time. By the 1890s the church was moving toward a more orthodox position. Another belief long held by church leaders is that Christ was born with a fallen nature. This view also began to change in the 1950s toward the position that Christ was born with physical degeneracy but not the propensities to sin that all other human beings are born with.

In Touched With Our Feelings author J. R. Zurcher explores evidence from Scripture and Adventist history to support a return to the traditional view that Jesus took the nature of Adam after the Fall.

In this study on the nature of man, Zurcher examines the biblical doctrine of Christ’s human nature. Carefully tracing the development of the doctrine of Christ within the Adventist Church, Zurcher maintains that the glory of our Saviour’s successful mission to this world is enhanced, not diminished, but the fact that He triumphed in spite of taking all the liabilities of "sinful flesh."