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Author : Dwain Neilson Esmond
ISBN : 9780828018227
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Category Christian Living
ISBN Code 9780828018227
Publisher Reveiw and Herald Publishing Asoociation | Copyright 2004 
Measurement/Pages 159 pages
Format Paperback

Why, how, when, and where does God speak? How can we know God’s will? How can we know whom to marry, or what career to choose? How can we hook up with God?

Inquiring minds want to know. Dwain Esmond wanted to know. He once asked God for a vocational hint. No need for lightning; just a divine sneeze in the direction of his life calling would do. But heaven seemed deaf. Closed for business. Call back later.

What do you do when the Shining One seems only a dim, flickering, hide-and-seek presence? If you have ever missed the presence of God, this book is for you. It provides not so much answer as encounters.

Tales of scraped knuckles. Bents knees.

For those with a willy-nilly relationship with an ethereal God, here’s a call to get beyond the narthex and into the inner sanctum. For those with e-mail / cell phone / pager / Palm Pilot sensory overload, here’s a catalyst for reconnecting with the Eternal. Heaven’s GPS, says Dwain, works great – once our receiver is calibrated to the divine. And God is still near even when he’s silent. So, learn to wait and trust. Seek with all your heart, and He will be found.