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Author : William E. Richardson
ISBN : 9780828018302
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ISBN Code 9780828018302
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing | Copyrigh 2005 
Measurement/Pages 175 pages
Format Paperback

Running from God has a long history. It began in Eden and continues today. Many Bible heroes were fugitives before they were faithful. Now William Richardson, with penetrating insight, offers 13 sketches of people who stepped away from God and paid a price. But God, the Tireless Tracker, patiently followed in relentless pursuit until He brought them home.

The author takes up such themes as sibling rivalry, parental favouritism, and parental grief over wayward children. Though God is not always successful in His pursuit of the straying (Cain, Absalom, Judas), He does not rest until every avenue is exhausted.

We are all sometimes fugitives from God, headstrong, breaking free of His harness. But these stories remind us that the brambles are never so thick, or the night so dark, that the Hound of heaven cannot find us.