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The Day Evil Dies In Stock

Author : Clifford Goldstein
ISBN : 2210501205141
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ISBN Code 2210501205141
Publisher Harvestime Books
Measurement/Pages 128 pages
Format Paperback

Why does a loving God allow suffering?

What about near-death experiences?

What is the mark of the beast?

We are all foot soldiers in an invisible war. Titanic forces rage about us. How will it all end? Clifford Goldstein explores some forgotten milestones of the past to help us understand the future. Behind-the-scenes glimpses of the hand of God in history show that centuries of heresy, fanaticism, persecution, apostasy, and faith will soon culminate in an astonishing international crisis. Bible prophecy reveals how religious politics will shape the future of America and curtail our freedoms, leading to a terrible climax of evil before the final, glorious triumph of love.

Have you been an unwitting pawn in the drama? Now you can understand your true role before it’s too late.