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The Mules That Angels Ride In Stock

Author : Clifford Goldstein
ISBN : 9780828019149
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Category Christian Living
ISBN Code 9781828019149
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing Association | Copyright 2005 
Measurement/Pages 190 pages
Format Paperback

For more than six years readers have been enthralled, enraged, amused – perhaps a little of each – by Clifford Goldstein’s monthly column in the Adventist Review. Now these popular, highly stimulating – and often controversial – columns are together in one book. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you will be challenged by everything from last-day events to the gospel to the role of faith and science in the life of a believer – and so much more. Here are samplings:

“Of all the ways I could have gone, of all the paths I could have taken, I (who hated Christians and vegetarians) ended up becoming, of all things, a Seventh-day Adventist.”

“I was working with Hungarian Seventh-day Adventist wallpaper hangers in Switzerland. (How I got involved with Hungarian wallpaper hangers in Switzerland is another story.)”

“Somewhere amid the inspired tomes Ellen White wrote of a biblical figure whose first child gave him new revelations about God. In my case it wasn’t my first child who did that for me – it was my dog a pug named Fergie.”

“If evolution explains us, then the cross is nothing but another murdered Jew.”

“The deification of science is a great myth of the modern era, akin to deification of the Caesars in an earlier one. Science has its role, no doubt, and works well within it. But just because chlorine’s good for killing germs doesn’t mean you want t for mouthwash.”

“After 25 years as an Adventist,” Goldstein says, “I still believe in this church, its mission, its message, its calling.” This book is his expression of the wonderful truths entrusted to our church. So, read ‘em and rage, or laugh and cry! But most of all be blessed.

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