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Author : Karen Easter
ISBN : 9780828018869
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ISBN Code 9780828018869
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing | Copyright 2006 
Measurement/Pages 149 pages
Format Paperback


Stars spangled the black sky like diamonds splashed carelessly across velvet. They embraced, basking in the intimacy they felt at the concert. Without a word, he gazed into her eyes, the oneness consuming them. Where is this going? She felt herself slipping deeper into the moment. Don’t! A small voice whispered in her head. He reached down and pulled her chin toward him, kissing her tenderly. Go now, while you still can! The voice grew more intense. But so did her desire.

“Karen” is a divorced guidance counsellor at a local Christian school. “Rick” is a Christian recording and concert artist. And this is a true story.

“We’re so perfect together!” they said. Now this. It was the worst week of her life.

Karen: “What will I tell my family? My daughter Sarah is 17. How can I explain this to her? I’m supposed to be a role model. I just told another teen not to give in. And now… all I do is cry.”

Rick: “Abortion is our only option. It’s the only way to keep this a secret and not destroy our careers.”

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.

Rick: “It’s not really a baby yet, just a bunch of cells.”

Karen: “If I keep her I’ll have to raise her myself. Plus, I’ll have to find another job.”

Rick: “Since you are already 11 weeks along, you don’t have much time.”

Do the right thing. The right thing. Right thing.

Then, a ray of hope. I can shut their eyes.

Includes resources for unplanned pregnancies.

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