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Author : Karen & Ron Flowers
ISBN : 9781578470334
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Category Kids & Teens
ISBN Code 9781578470334
Publisher General Conference of SDA | Copyright 2004 
Measurement/Pages 77 pages
Format Paperback

 - Do you wish you knew how to talk about sexuality as easily as you speak of sport or music?

- Are you avoiding “the big talk”, hoping to educate your child about sexuality in better ways?

- Are you concerned that too much information about sex will encourage sexual activity?

- How can you help your teen make wise choices about sex and avoid STD’s and teen pregnancy?

- Does your child have the skills to resist harmful peer and media pressure?

Here’s real help for teaching the facts of life, your family values and practical skills for Christian living!

“No greater challenge faces the church today than developing a healthy and godly sexuality among its members. This curriculum is thoroughly appropriate from a clinical perspective, yet biblically sound in every respect. I can recommend this resource without reservation.” Archibald D. Fart, Senior Professor of Psychology and Dean Emeritus

“This resource puts a deliberate, comprehensive understanding of God’s wonderful plan for sexuality into the hands of parents, teachers and church leaders responsible for the education of children and youth. Those who have worked on this project have done so with skill and sensitivity, always keeping it safely within a Christian context.” Alberta Mazat, Retired Professor, Marriage and Family Therapy