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Author : Karen & Ron Flowers
ISBN : 9781578470358
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ISBN Code 9781578470358
Publisher General Conference of SDA | Copyright 2003 
Measurement/Pages 168 pages
Format Paperback

 - Do you wish to work “with” rather than “against” family dynamics in evangelism?

- Are you ready to listen and respond to why youth leave the church? And why they stay?

- Can you safeguard your own family relationships even while giving diligently of yourself?

- Hove you heard the heartcry of post-moderns for meaningful relationship?

- Are you ready for fresh dialogue between family life educators and evangelists?

- Do you want to be more effective in bringing whole families to Jesus together?

If your answer is “YES” to any of these questions, this book was written for you!

“Mission is the heartbeat of the church. The church has no life without it. The church – and we are talking about men, women, and children, individually and collectively as a family – is there to set up meetings between Jesus Christ and people. The command of Jesus was simple and direct: Go out and tell them about me! Be a witness. So, Jesus is meant to be the Center-piece around which life is to be built. Only when that happens is life fulfilled. Be an instrument of mission!” Jan Paulsen, President of Seventh-day Adventist Church

“From our very first evangelistic series, we have always featured the home and family in both out advertising and public preaching. We’ve taught hundreds of pastoral couples to use the same approach. How we wish this outstanding resource material had always been available. By all means, get it and use it. Your effectiveness will multiply!” Jim and Sharon Cress, General Conference Ministerial Association