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Author : James Cress
ISBN : 9781578470372
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Category Church Life
ISBN Code 9781578470372
Publisher Ministerial Association Resource Center | Copyright 2005 
Measurement/Pages 144 pages
Format Paperback

The Ministerial Director of Adventist pastors worldwide presents this sequel with further wisdom for successful ministry by professional clergy and lay pastoral caregivers.

Real-life, down-to-earth insight in seven categories with 43 chapter:

  • The Pastoral Family – PK Prodigals
  • Spiritual Experience – New Way to Pray
  • Pastoral Theology – Outrageous Grace
  • Pastoral Ethics – Perpetuating Sexual Abuse
  • Pastoral Skills – Wanna Kill Your Church?
  • Pastoral Nurture – Premarital Preparation
  • The Church – What’s Wrong in the Church?

A must read for every pastor and lay leader who craves greater joy and success in ministry.