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Here I Am Lord, Send Someone Else In Stock

Author : Curt Dewitt
ISBN : 9780828019422
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ISBN Code 9780828019422
Publisher Pacific Press Publishing Association | Copyright 2007 
Measurement/Pages 160 pages 
Format Paperback

Curt Dewitt said he would never be a pastor. He declared he would definitely not be a missionary. And he was sure he would never work with teens.

But God had a different plan—and a sense of humor. God set Curt on a surprising, exhilarating journey that led him to become (you guessed it!) a pastor and missionary who worked with teens.

When Curt moved to Africa as a missionary, he found himself fighting off spitting cobras, hearing accounts of man-eating lions, helping capture criminals, and spiritually wrestling with the powers of darkness. In this hilarious account of his African adventures Curt proves that ending up where you least expected can be more fun, exciting, and satisfying than you ever imagined.