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Author : Gloria Lindsey Trotman
ISBN : 9781578470389
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Category Christian Living
ISBN Code 9781578470389
Publisher General Conference Miniserial Assoication | Copyright 2005 
Measurement/Pages 71 pages
Format Paperback

A pastor’s guide to supporting his wife.

This book will warm your heart and fill you with insights into the unique life of the pastor’s wife. Many books have been written to prepare women foe the role of ministerial wife, but none, that I know of, have preceded this one which reveals the heart of the “mistress of the manse”. By Her Side is a “must-have” for pastors and those who care about pastor’s wife.

From the book:

“A spiritually supportive husband is a great blessing to any women. If you are one of those men, don’t stop!”

“It sometimes seems that all the forces of the universe plot, scheme and conspire to transform the pastor into a spinning top.”

“There were menus for ordinary weekdays, menus for Sabbaths… This pastoral wife was certainly going to earn an “A” in hospitality”

“However the needs of a pastor’s wife are not only many but complex. Yet this woman must attend to the needs of a whole parish."

“Sometimes her heart is full, too full to allow her to be articulate.”

“No doubt her [the pastor] longs to be able to give the normal support of husband and father. However, his professional commitments absorb his time and energies.”