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Author : Seth J. Pierce
ISBN : 9780828019064
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Category Christian Living
ISBN Code 9780828019064

Review and Herald Publishing Association | Copyright 2005 

Measurement/Pages 203 pages
Format Paperback


His dad was a Seventh-day Adventist pastor. His home was happy, then – divorce. His identity broken, he searched for meaning – and found love. His girlfriend invited him to her Pentecostal megachurch. Their motto was “definitely not church as usual.”

It was then that Seth Pierce discovered that having the truth doesn’t mean knowing it all. Suddenly old ideas of worship were obsolete. No boredom here. These people were way out there! They spoke in tongues. They did a “glory run” in the aisles. And they made the gospel exciting. There Seth found friends – and met Jesus Christ.

Then cracks began to appear in the façade. Was the healing real, or did people just get pushed over backward? Seth heard the still small voice of truth calling him back to his spiritual home, the faith of his father. But how could he turn his back on the greatest music, the richest worship, and the deepest fellowship he had known?

What we can learn from the charismatics would fill a book – this one. Seth’s new-convert viewpoint will give you some fresh insights into what it means to be a vital, dynamic congregation – and what it means to stay surrendered to the leading of Jesus Christ.