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The Broken Blueprint In Stock

Author : Vance Ferrell
ISBN : 2210501205110
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ISBN Code 2210501205110
Publisher Harvestime Books
Measurement/Pages 432 pages
Format Paperback

What was the original blueprint for our educational and medical training schools, as given in the Spirit of Prophecy?

Is there any way we can find out exactly how it was done in our early schools?

Why is the blueprint not being followed today?

How did our schools veer off the path?

This book provides you with that information! For the first time in a single book, the entire fascinating story is told.

In this brief, large-print book you will discover exactly what happened. It is a fascinating narrative.

For the first time, you will learn what made the blueprint so effective in accomplishing its purpose.

You will also learn how certain changes in our educational work dramatically changed the entire fabric of our denomination.

  • What was God’s original plan for our schools?
  • What were the forces at work which, although sometimes unwittingly, sought to destroy it?
  • What caused our colleges and universities to be transformed into modern look-alikes to the schools of the world – in curriculum, coursework, textbooks, entertainment, and teacher training?

We will not be able to solve the problem until we learn what it is and what caused it.