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A Biblical Defense In Stock

Author : Vance Ferrell
ISBN : 9781089680604
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ISBN Code 9781089680604
Publisher Harvestime Books
Measurement/Pages 368 pages
Format Paperback

A SOLID DEFENSE – Critics have attacked the foundations of our Sanctuary beliefs in Daniel and Hebrews. But this book reveals how solidly the bedrock of our history faith has been laid.

You now have in your possession, perhaps for the first time, a small, easily read collection of Biblical, historical, and linguistic evidence in support of each controverted belief in those two books.

PROPHECY MADE MORE SURE – You will gain renewed confidence in how firmly the foundations of our faith have been laid.

Read this book for encouragement. Refer to it when you encounter the inroads of liberalism among fellow believers. Share copies of it with them. Mail copies to friends and church officials.

OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE, from the Bible, that each of our special controverted historic beliefs in Daniel and Hebrews is correct.

Solid answers in vindication of the 2300-day prophecy, the cleansing of the sanctuary, the sanctuary in Hebrews, the investigative judgment, and many, many more topics – all in a large type size.

No longer need you wonder how to deal with controverted points of faith in those two books.

Although comprehensive, the book is not difficult to read. At the back are basic indexes to help you quickly locate what you are looking for.