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ISBN Code 2210501205227
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Vindicating the Character of God

Stepping outside to your front porch, you are just in time to see your son strike the dog with a stick.

Bringing your boy into the house, you administer justice. Lifting him up, you set the child on the top of the cookstove. Then you turn the burner on beneath him – and leave him there a week.

That would NOT be a just punishment!

Who would do such a thing to his son? Only an absolute monster. The punishment does not match the crime.

Yet people are taught that God has been doing worse to people for centuries. They say that, for the sins of a short lifetime – He burns people throughout all eternity.

The God of heaven is infinitely kinder, wiser, and more just than earthly parents. He is a God of love, and is now pleading with everyone to come to Him for comfort and salvation.

Some people during their lifetime do a lot of evil to others while some do far less. Yet in the final judgment, God will mete out an entirely just punishment to all who choose to be lost. That punishment will be very brief. Then will follow the silence of eternal on-existence.

Inside this book is Bible proof. Read it and learn that God is good, always good.