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Author : David Collinson
ISBN : 9781903921371
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Category Health & Nutrition
ISBN Code 9781903921371
Publisher Autumn House | Copyright 2006 
Measurement/Pages 192 pages
Format Paperback

Can you imagine standing next to someone you’ve known all your life – a friend who has been blind from birth – and watching, with your own eyes, as Jesus of Nazareth heals his eyes and gives him, for the first time, the ability to see? Can you imagine the wonder in your friend’s eyes as he studies you – for the first time – in glorious technicolor?

Jesus performed many mind-blowing miracles of healing during His three-year ministry on Earth, yet He is recorded as saying, ‘The person who trust me will do even greater things.’ John 14:12.

So what happened? Has the power of God dried up? Do miracles still happen or has modern medicine put an end to all that?

After forty years’ ministry and a thorough analysis of healing in the Bible, David Collison opens up new insights into the ministry of healing then and now, explaining how New Testament principles can apply in our world.

“David Collison’s book makes an important contribution. If it encourages Christian leaders to engage on a rediscovery of the Christian healing ministry it will have done a significant job for extension of God’s kingdom.” Rob Frost