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Author : Harris W. Lee
ISBN : 9781578470310
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Category Church Life
ISBN Code 9781578470310
Publisher Ministerial Association Resource Center | Copyright 2003 
Measurement/Pages 219 pages
Format Paperback

Effective Church Leadership contains a wealth of ideas, principles, and insights gleaned from the best leadership writings. Harris Lee asked 80 leaders in education, business, church, government, and health care institutions to list the best books on leadership. He then selected the ideas most applicable to church settings and added his own insights from parish experience. Major topics include: qualities of leaders; responsibilities of leaders; power of authority; key leadership tasks; and spirituality.

“Effective Church Leadership reflects a strong integration of biblical and secular sources, with an excellent theological base.” – Pastor Mervin Thompson

“Successfully combines the theology of leadership with its practical expression.” - Doris Yock, Lay leader

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