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Called To Discipleship LIMITED STOCK

Author : Bertram L. Melbourne
ISBN : 9780816322244
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Category Church Life
ISBN Code 9780816322244
Publisher Pacific Press Publishing Association | Copyright 2007 
Measurement/Pages 128 pages
Format Paperback

Have you answered the call to discipleship?

Author Bertram L. Melbourne, Ph.D., has written a clear introductory volume to the ways of discipleship. By examining the relationship between Jesus and His first disciples as found in the Gospels, Melbourne reveals contemporary insights for all followers of Christ today.

Christian discipleship is many-faceted. It is a process of personal development that seeks a lifestyle patterned after Jesus' life. Disciples are learners and followers. They take risks, succeed, and fail, but the true success of discipleship depends on the relationship between a disciple and Christ. "Essentially then, Christian discipleship seeks to teach followers of Jesus of Nazareth how to sit at His feet as Mary did so as to become equipped to disciple others.

"...Discipling and discipleship are not easy tasks."

"The greatest hindrance to discipleship is self in all its aspects." May you answer the call to take Jesus' yoke upon you and learn of Him, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light.