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Author : Julian Melgosa & Michelson Borges
ISBN : 9781878951443
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ISBN Code 9781878951443
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing Association | Copyright 2017
Measurement/Pages 128 pages
Format Paperback

While most people recognize that exercise and a balanced diet help our well-being and improve health – what should we do when illness is not located in one specific part of the body?

Have you ever

Felt crushed by numerous commitments?

Been unable to deal with everything on your to-do list?

Had to face the feeling of guilt in the struggle against an addiction?

Wanted to throw in the towel and flee to a deserted island?

You are not alone!

Right now, millions of people suffer from the effects of anxiety, stress, and depression. If this is your struggle – or if you know someone facing this challenge – change is possible! You don’t have to remain stuck in the pain!

The Power of Hope will teach you how to experience a meaningful, successful life. Discover the answer that will lead to a path of pace, restoration, and healing. Discover the power of hope!