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Leader's Guide For Juniors, Teens, and Youth LIMITED STOCK

Author : Troy Fitzgerald
ISBN : 9780828017138
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Category Kid & Teens 
ISBN Code 9780828017138
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing Association | Copyright 2002 
Measurement/Pages 326 pages
Format Papaerback

ChristWise is a revolutionary new baptismal course. Geared toward a variety of learning styles, it is story-based, Christ-centered, interactive, and age-tailored. The lessons explain the beliefs of the Adventist Church through stories, interactive questions, Bible marking, reflective and experiential learning, and interviews that involve the entire church in the learning process.

Other lesson sets seek merely to fill the mind with facts. ChristWise seeks to lead the student into relationship, then on to friendship, worship, discipleship, leadership, ownership, and finally to mentorship, so that the new disciple becomes involved in making new disciples for Christ. The learner becomes a teacher. More than a baptismal course, this is a curriculum for Christian discipleship.

ChristWise enables youth to mentor other youth, lead them to Christ, and prepare them for baptism. Field testing has shown that a 16-year-old can do the work of a pastor and teacher with even greater success. Use ChristWise in your church, and watch your young people come alive with commitment to Christ.