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Author : Patricia R. Garey
ISBN : 9780816320820
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Category Stories 
ISBN Code 9780816320820
Publisher Pacific Press Publishing | Copyright 2005 
Measurement/Pages 112 pages
Format Paperback 


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? A lovely princess? Or an ugly duckling? Perhaps you find your own reflection too flawed to ever feel like the beautiful woman God created you to be.

But who told you that you are not lovely? In this landmark book, author and professional career consultant Patricia R. Garey exposes the toxic influence of popular culture’s obsession with physical beauty and unrealistic “Barbie doll” body standards. She also reveals hoe the multibillion dollar “beauty industry” exploits us by cashing in on our insecurities and presumed flaws.

Using a fresh, fun, creative approach, Patricia turns us away from the world of nose jobs, breast augmentation, and tummy tucks, and bring us a biblically based, personalized makeover of body, mind and spirit!

Cultivate your inner radiance through self-acceptance, good health, peace of mind, and a spirit of gratitude.

Develop a beauty regimen based on renewed respect and tender, loving care.

Take the “Style Profile” based on four influential and beautiful women from the Bible and designed to help you explore your own unique personal style.

Learn about five Body Types, from “Alpha” to “Vectra”, and discover the styles to best complement your own lovely shape.

Consult the Color Chart to help you determine your personal palette of the most flattering colors to wear.

Select Wordrobe Basics that will help you look fabulous, feel confident, streamline your closet, and stretch your pocketbook.

Recognize your own reflection as a thing of beauty, and gain the most irresistible asset a beautiful woman can possess – self-confidence.

You will absolutely love this wise and witty, smart and savvy book and its engaging, eminently readable style. There’s a beautiful new YOU inside, waiting to make her appearance! Let Patricia R. Garey show you the way to becoming the “altogether lovely” woman God created you to be.

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