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Author : June Strong
ISBN : 9780828017862
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Category Stories 
ISBN Code 9780828017862 
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing | Copyright 2005 
Measurement/Pages 205 pages
Format Paperback

She sat a long time before the window, unraveling the years, searching for the dropped stitch.

Mindy dreamed of teaching—if she survived tuberculosis. Then she met Carl Matthews with the sky-blue eyes—eyes that turned to ice when she asked him to go to church with her. Among the goldenrod and purple asters, she gave him her heart. Then, against her father's wishes, she gave him her hand in marriage. But would her deepening faith survive his scorn?

Originally published in 1977, Mindy soon became a classic. Long out of print, it is at last reborn to sway a new generation. Author June Strong narrates one woman's poignant struggle between her love of family and her love of God, tracing to the bittersweet end her joys and sorrows as she raises children in a divided home. Mindy is a haunting chronicle of love, loss, and faith in the furnace.

"My wife couldn't put it down; finished it in one sitting, and burst into tears. Here is a book that leaves a lasting lump in the throat." —Tim Crosby

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