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Author : Ken Wade
ISBN : 9780816320240
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Category Stories
ISBN Code 9780816320240
Publisher Pacofoc Press Publicatinos | Copyright 2004 
Measurement/Pages 141 pages
Format Paperback

How do you know when you’ve arrived?

We talk a lot about our “walk with God”, but sometimes we treat religion as though it were a destination, not a journey. As though baptism were the goal, that once your name is recorded on the church books, you’ve “arrived”, and there’s not much else you need to do.

Maybe Abraham thought that all he needed to do was leave Haran, and God would show him the right place to live. His journey would be over. But forty years later God was still calling him to get up early in the morning, saddle his donkey, and ride off to a new adventure of faith.

In Journey to Moriah Ken Wade invites us to go on a spiritual adventure with Abraham – seeing life through his eyes, entering into his culture, and learning with him how to really walk with God. Along the way, Wade shows us a new picture of the “friend of God”. We see a real human being with faults and flaws that needed to be smoothed over. And we see a man steeped in pagan culture trying to learn the ways of Jehovah.

Abraham never could have made the journey to the top of Mount Moriah if he hadn’t been through myriad other trials along the way – some of which he failed. Life was a learning, growing experience for the friend of God. It can be for you too. Why not begin or continue the journey right now?

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