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The Many Faces Of God In Stock

Author : Carrol Johnson Shewmake
ISBN : 9780828017855
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ISBN Code 9780828017855   
Publisher Pacifc Press Publishing Association | Copyright 2004 
Measurement/Pages 160 pages
Format Paperbag

 "I will be their God, and they will be my people" (1 Corinthians 6:16, NIV).

Carrol Shewmake couldn't understand the Bible, with all its confusing symbols, wars, and diversity. Where was the missing clue? Then one day she stumbled upon the golden thread, running from Genesis to Revelation, that revealed the heart of the Author and His longing for intimacy with His children.

Since then she has never been the same. The Bible is a new book. And God is her closest friend.

Now you can share her discovery and behold the Invisible with new eyes. See how the many snapshots of God in Scripture form a majestic panorama of grace. Understand your status as the child of the Father, the wife of the Husband, the clay of the Potter, the sheep of the Shepherd, and the branch of the Vine. Feel His longing for intimacy reaching out to you in every passage.

Then ask Him for more. Heaven is waiting to answer.