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Author : Ellen G. White
ISBN : 9780916324170
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ISBN Code 9780816324170
Publisher Pacific Press
Measurement/Pages 416 pages
Format Paperback

Trials and triumphs of God's people

The Israelites were not only children of Abraham, they were children of destiny.  Heroes like Elijah and Daniel championed God’s plan for the world but occasionally the chosen nation strayed to lesser gods.  However, remorse always followed and a pursuing Father welcomed them home.  Firm in His love. Firm in His discipline.

Beginning with the reign of King Solomon and continuing down through the Exile, Prophets and Kings tells this gripping story – the tale of kings and faithful prophets.  In bold strokes, it describes the raging battle between good and evil during a crucial period of salvation history. Through triumph and tragedy, it shows God’s love for a wayward people and offers a resounding call to heed the prophets they so often ignored.

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