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Author : Elizabeth Talbot
ISBN : 9780816364497
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Category Devotional
ISBN Code 9780816364497
Publisher Pacific Press Publishing Association | Copyright 2019 
Measurement/Pages 386 pages
Format Hardcover

The story is told about a boy who loved and admired the main hero in a book series. He had just bought the latest volume and realized that this book was very different! Unlike the previous books, this time his hero was being beaten and seemed to be losing! Not very far into the book, the boy couldn’t take it anymore and, holding his breath, went straight to the last chapter. With trembling hands, he turned to the last page and read the last paragraph. And there, in the last sentences of the story, he discovered that, despite the many seeming defeats, his hero was the victor after all and the villain was destroyed. Now that he knew the ending, he was at peace and went back to the place where he had left off and continued reading the book.

Jesus has told us the end of the story: He has overcome! When we face sickness, death, loss and various troubles, let’s remember that evil is a conquered enemy. When all is said and done, JESUS WINS!

Revisit the stories of Jesus in this life-changing daily devotional. Appreciate His beautiful character. Hear His profound truths in His simple messages. See His tender, loving care for those around Him. No element of His life is too small to provide insight. These insights will revitalize your life!

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