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Author : Andy Nash
ISBN : 9780828014267
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Category Christian Living
ISBN Code 9780828014267
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing Association | Copyright 1999 
Measurement/Pages 142 pages
Format Paperback

Wake up – everything just changed. Cell phones and the Internet are just the tips of a wave that has shifted society’s values and transformed how we relate to each other. The Adventist Church is in the thick of it.

Unleash the Dream challenges Adventism to stay relevant in a revolutionary world. A dozen young adults tackle issues that strike at the heart of Adventism. Some give practical advice for reinvigorating our church’s mission. Others call for institutional reshaping. All urge us to tune ourselves to the Holy Spirit’s rhythm so we can reach a world desperate for good news.

Unleash the Dream will open your eyes to critical issues and situation that beg for change, decisive action, and creative enthusiasm. And it will thrill you to be part of a God-ordained movement of such promise, potential, and power.

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