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Author : Larry Lee Lichtenwalter
ISBN : 9780828017701
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Category Christian Living
ISBN Code 9780828017701
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing Asoociation | Copyright 2004 
Measurement/Pages 185 pages
Format Paperback

Nothing beats the thrill of the chase – unless you’re the prey!

Like David. Outlaw. Cave man. Guerrilla. So how does the hero behave under pressure?

The subject of this second volume on the life of David is his fugitive years, when his passion for God was stressed to the breaking point. He starts out holding Goliath’s severed head and ends up weeping over the death of nemesis Saul and soul mate Jonathan. In between – he runs.

At first the battlefield hero wins the hearts of the people and becomes a palace fixture. All is well in King Saul’s court - until the women begin singing his praises. Now the rising star is a marked man with a price on his head. Dodging javelins, David succumbs to fear. He resorts to deception. Once he ran toward his enemies; now he runs from them. His only hope – his only help – is God. “The Lord is for me,” he writes, “so I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” – Psalm 116:6, NLT

This book is for all who walk through the valley of the shadow, who face the perfect storm o failure and disgrace, before God can brings us into a spacious place, we must learn what David learned in the dark about God. God delivers. The storm will subside. Goliath will fall. But we must wait on the Lord.

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