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The Choice In Stock

Author : Dan M. Apple
ISBN : 9780812704631
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Category Beliefs
ISBN Code 9780812704631
Publisher Autummn House
Published Date Copyright 2008
Measurement/Pages 224 pages
Format Paperback

Life in Gentry County looks ideal on the surface . . . but as shocking secrets are exposed, a battle line is drawn, and everyone is forced to choose a side.

Brenda’s husband had been dead four years. Then he came home again. Just like that. He unlocked the door with his keys, hung his coat in the closet, and began to visit her every night.

Young and fearless, nightclub singer Cindy lives alone. But someone keeps lighting the candle on her dining room table. And the footsteps in the living room are not the searching steps of a burglar, but the steps of someone who has made himself at home.

As encounters with the spiritual world increase, people in Gentry County start searching for the truth: Are the dead really dead? Or are they alive in another form? Everyone in the community—from the pastors and church members to the coven of witches—must examine what they believe. One by one, each person is swept into the middle of a spiritual battle more intense than they ever imagined.