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Tell Me A Ghost Story In Stock

Author : Samuel Money
ISBN : 2210501207381
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Category Beliefs
ISBN Code 2210501207381
Measurement/Pages 152 pages
Format Paperback

 • Children and adults like to hear ghost stories.

Here are many stories for your reading pleasure.

Know the truth about ghosts.

Do not be afraid when you encounter cases of people possessed.

Learn how you can overcome them.

What Others Have Said About This Book

“The good thing about this book is that it tells you not only about the unknown of ghosts, but how you can overcome these spirits, if you encounter them.” – Edmund Tan, a Catholic Friend in Singapore.

“I did not believe in ghosts until one night my office in a textile factory was invaded by spirits. The main office door and the windows were flung open suddenly without human effort. I was taken by surprise do exist in our world. This book tells me about them.” – Siew, a Textile Merchant in Malaysia.

“After reading this book, I am more aware of bad spirits in this world, and I am better equipped to encounter one if I a, attacked.” – Winston Seem a Businessman in Johor Bahru.

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